My wedding day

The first wedding I attended, the bride was two hours late! As our day grew closer, that memory kept replaying. Mr Impatient had an impeccable habit of being late; I’m usually on time. I warned him multiple times to be on time because I didn’t plan on being tardy.

On the morning of our wedding, He dropped by my parent’s home before setting off for the hotel. My father drove me and the rest of the family to the venue shortly after. I had booked a room so that my niece who was my maid of honour, and I could get dressed in comfort. She got dressed first, then she helped me into my madras wedding dress. It was designed with two concepts: the fabric itself was cultural to our island home. The second was that it was Grecian in style. He had spent time in Greece studying and was enthralled by it’s culture. Two loves were combined. I got dressed and had thirty minutes to spare, even if I took my sweet time, it wouldn’t take that long to walk down to the balcony that had been set up for the event, so took off my dress and my niece and I sat, laughed and talked. Five minutes before we were due to start, the room phone rang. It was reception. They were having some technical issues getting my wedding song to play on their system. I thanked them for the heads up and put my dress on, anticipating that the delay would be short. It was thirty minutes before the problem could be remedied. So my wedding did start late, though through no fault of mine.

My niece and I took the short walk to the balcony. I beckoned my father to come over to me. The music was cued and started to play. It was at this point that butterflies lodged in my stomach. As the first verse played, I took deep breathes whilst contemplating the lyrics of the song. As the second verse began, my father and I descended the stairs that lead down to the balcony and he escorted me to my soon to be husband.

Christ’s bride will adorn a unique apparel; obedience is her beauty, she is modestly clothed with a dress of love, shoes of joy protect her feet. Her accessories of peace and kindness complete her. Most brides are exquisite on their day, she outshines the groom, but on that day the Groom’s appearance will surpass His bride. When the bridegroom Christ reappears, the angelic host will play the processional. The brightness of His glory will light the sky above and every eye shall see him. She, the bride has endured much, has suffered hardship. She has been persecuted but prevailed. Tribulation has perfected her. She is the bride triumphant. The second advent of Christ will be the perfect wedding day!

Let us celebrate, let us rejoice, let us give him the glory! The marriage of the Lamb has come; his wife has made herself ready. She was given a bridal gown of bright and shinning linen. The linen is the righteousness of the saints. Revelation 19: 7&8

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