‘ . . .comfort those who mourn . . . give them flowers in place of their sorrow. Isaiah 61:3

  • Happy Mother’s Day!

    May 9, 2021 by

    I laughed as I sat in church and watched the familiar video clip play. A man had set up interviews for the position of ‘Director of Operations’. The clip was a compilation of all the applicant’s reaction to how demanding the job would be. Long hours including public holidays, no breaks, the occasional all nighter… Read more

  • Courageous & Compliant

    May 2, 2021 by

    The septic relationship is like a never-ending emotional rollercoaster ride. You experience periods of tenacity and resignation. Feelings of contentment when you stood up for yourself, and the profound awareness of  being melancholy when you were too uneasy to make a stand. I was compliant that day when I resigned from most of my church… Read more

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Abuse 101

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Emotional abuse is sometimes hard to detect. It isn’t as obvious as other types of abuse like physical or sexual abuse and as such victims remain in abusive situations for far longer than they should. Though it begins in subtle ways, it can be likened to an out of control vine that simply spreads itself engulfing everything in its path.
If you are in a toxic relationship then chances are you often feel like you are ever so slowly suffocating because the hand of your so-called loved one is forever tightening their grip around your neck.