Love vibes

The entire bible teaches us in one way or another of God’s love for humanity. 1 Corinthians 13 gives a great synopsis. Though Abba speaks so clearly about love, it is one of the most abused phenomenon. There are so many people on this earth, who if you asked them what love is, they would be at a loss to explain it. Sometimes it’s because their childhood was dysfunctional or abusive. Equally, there are those who grew up in homes where it simply wasn’t shown or expressed. I don’t know which is worse, but the resulting adulthood is the same; a grown up incapable of expressing love and therefore powerless to perceive and appreciate it.

Love is like being in VIP mode. If something great happens, they are the first person who you convey your good news too. They wish to celebrate, they will be the one to shout the loudest “congratulations” at the risk of bursting your ear drums! When something disappoints they are also number 1 on the list of people to call. They will just be there holding out tissue for your snotty cried out face, or the reassuring arm firmly around you. They are your impromptu partner in crime; the spontaneity brings endless laughs and timeless memories to reflect back on.

There are no unapproachable topics of conversation. Brain picking is like an art form, a differing point of view is an opportunity of learning not contention and feuding. Discussion just never gets tired. It’s funny how being with someone you are in love with can fill you with a deep sense of resilience and strength. It feels like no matter what life throws at you, it’s not that scary because your love is your teammate who will fight alongside you. Superheroes got nothing on love!

Love enables a sentiment of safety on a physical level that you will be defended and also on an emotional level that you are not just seen but ‘sensed’. You are not simply listened to but anticipated. Your sweetheart is a warrior, no not against you but for your relationship. They are committed, they are in it for the long haul. They will aggressively protect the boundaries of the relationship and vigorously endeavour to make it work.

Love is a perfect package, but our humanity puts flaws in it. We mishandle it, misconstrue it and make it unpalatable for others. Some really have a handle on it; they perceive it and embrace it. Others wouldn’t know it even when its right with them enriching their lives. They loose out on one of the most beautiful gifts of life. There are people who are blessed enough to be in a reciprocal union. If you are one of the favoured ones hold on to your human blessing as tightly as you can.

Peculiarly enough I think God has a similar issue with humanity when it comes to unrequited love. He offered the ultimate sacrifice for us humans, speaks to each of us in our love language, provides for our daily needs and comes through for us time and time again, yet there are those who reject and denounce Him. Despite all this He stands at the door of our hearts hoping we will let Him in. That’s unequivocal love!

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