‘Goodness of God’ is a popular gospel song amongst Christians and with good reason too! Anyone who has gone through a trial can testify to the goodness of The Almighty. Nowadays I get goosebumps when I hear it. It reminds me of how He took me through the darkest phase in my life. God rescued me, hallelujah! I must NEVER forget His goodness!

I often ask myself how those who have no belief system cope with the tragedies, stresses and calamities of life. Where do they leave life’s burdens? Who strengthens them through their storm? Where does their reassurance come from?

If I didn’t know God, I would have surely unravelled. Most times I didn’t have to say much to Him because I couldn’t always articulate my thoughts. That didn’t matter because I know He knew what was on my mind. He knew how I felt every step of the way. God is so intuitive. God is just so awesome. There is none like Him, praise His mighty name!

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