No one will ever forget his handsome face. No one will forget his name.

I kept flicking through the news channels because I wanted to know the very second that the jury had reached a verdict. I hoped and prayed that justice would be served with a guilty verdict. Like the lawyer said to the jurors, “what you saw is exactly what happened.” Abuse of power. Once Sky News announced that the jury was ready, I was glued to the sofa. If the door had knocked or my phone had rung, they’d have to wait.

For an hour and a half before the verdict was given, I was torn between the two possible outcomes. Of course he would be found guilty, the whole world saw the slow asphyxiation of George Floyd, the expert talked us through his excruciating slow death. The officer had to be found guilty. Right?

Of course he won’t be found guilty. He’s going to walk away from this. There have been so many miscarriages of justice where people of colour are concerned. So much that we no longer believe in the justice systems of the country’s where we are the minority. Just recently in the UK was the anniversary of Stephen Lawrence, brutally murdered by his killers who walked away from court. History shows that people of colour have had more than their fair share of inequity and oppression. The Black Wall Street massacre 1921, Tuskegee Syphilis study (1932-1972) and many types of abuse have been tolerated because they are done by those in power. We have been powerless to fight back, and somehow those who can do something stand by and do nothing. Many things have changed, but here we are x amount of years later still being killed or harassed while walking dogs in a public park, being shot dead whilst jogging and for just being a living human being, for having a different skin tone.


‘I can’t breathe’ such a simple hashtag, but it will never be forgotten. And there are too many around the world who identify with this, because they are a victim of abuse. Every time your freedom of speech is violated by your perpetrator, they are cutting off your air supply. Each time you are vehemently asked about your where abouts, have to seek permission to do, when your basic human rights are taken from you, you eventually feel like you just can’t breathe. It’s no longer a hashtag but a way of life. You adjust to needing less and less ‘oxygen’ until you are just a mere shell of a person; emotionally brain dead and comatose at the hands of your ‘Chauvin’.

We are all imperfect and live in a sinful deranged world. Some things are really out of our hands and control. We all deserve the oxygen of life. The bible says that the sun shines on the just and the unjust (Matthew 5:45). If He can resolve to do that, who is anyone to rob someone of such an essential resource? No one has the right to deprive anyone from the gift of emotional or physical air. We are all His children.

The Spirit of God made me what I am, the breath of God Almighty gave me life! Job 33:4

The Message Bible

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