Golden Anniversary!

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My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary today, congratulations mum and dad! They don’t read my blogs, they know that I went to hell and back in my marriage and that fact is enough for them. Reading any details would be too painful for them, but I have their support!

I remember when I said “I do!” It was supposed to be until either of us died. No one thinks about divorce on their wedding day. Nobody intentionally marries just to get divorced later down the road. Nobody. But it happens.

As I reflect back on the journey of my parent’s marriage, I reminisce hilarious, funny and great times. I recall some setbacks and challenges too. Marriage is not for the faint hearted. It is a commitment to yourself, your spouse and ultimately God.

A cousin of mine once asked me if I would do it all again. Yes, I would. I believe in the institution of marriage because the concept came from God. His ideals are perfect, but we humans keep messing up those same values which He meant for our good, health and happiness. Our imperfection doesn’t invalidate His ideals for humanity. If every husband and every wife ‘died to self’, wouldn’t we have more joyous relationships? Less dysfunctional homes? Wouldn’t Christendom then bring more glory to the Father?

I’m presently in my late 40’s so I don’t know if I will ever celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary, but I will celebrate everyday of life!

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