The Thief (part 1)

I couldn’t believe it. It had to be here somewhere. A hand blender doesn’t just up and go. I took a deep breath and resumed the search. I pulled the drawer it lived in, looked in the other cupboards, I even looked amongst the crockery and groceries but it wasn’t there. Where on earth? “Is everything ok?” he asked. I explained my perplexity. He offered to help me look and the whole hunt reconvened. I had used it last, I had put it back in its place and yet it wasn’t here in the kitchen. “Did you check up there?” he asked as he pointed at the high cupboards. I grabbed a chair to stand on, even as I protested the logic of it being up there. A brief search confirmed the absence of the hand blender. “Let’s check the spare room.” “It isn’t there. I am the only one who uses it. I wouldn’t have put it there. I just don’t understand why we can’t find it because it must be here somewhere. So why isn’t it? Where could it be? It’s only the two of us here. This is stupid, where is the hand blender?” He asked me how I would make the cake. “Back to basics I suppose, with a fork.” I sighed, I didn’t really relish the thought of beating the box mixture by hand at all.

We were getting ready for church one morning. I had decided to wear my beautiful orange floral wrap skirt. I had purchased a handbag whilst on holiday some years back. The coconut leaves from which it was woven was dyed orange and intricately woven. It was the perfect match to my outfit. I just needed to pack my bag and I would be ready. I pulled the drawer and rummaged through. Strange! I took out some of the bags so I could get a better look. It wasn’t there. “Babes, you ready?” “No. I can’t find my handbag” “Which one?” “The orange one.” “Oh, you left it by your parents.” I spun round to face him. “Why would I do that? That makes no sense.” “Well just take another bag, you have plenty.” I snatched a bag from the drawer and shoved my bible and hymnal inside. In church I should have been listening to the message but instead I found myself adrift in thought trying to remember the last time I had used that handbag.  A group of us women from church had decided to organise our own camp adventure. We came across a craft store in a shopping mall. The bag caught my eye because it was so unique. I purchased two similar ones for each of my sisters. I am a naturalist in my own right. I have always adored crafts of nature, wooden houses, swimming in the river or sea. The bag had sentimental value; firstly because of when it was bought and secondly because of how it was made. The disappearance of this particular handbag was also a chipping away of my identity. Why this specific handbag? Why not all of them? After all they were all kept in the same drawer. Something didn’t add up. ‘Don’t be upset, and don’t let all these doubting questions take over’ Luke 24:38 The Message Bible.

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