The Water of Life.

A good friend of mine invited me to a two day spa break. There were a variety of heat treatments; scented steam rooms, saunas and Turkish baths where one could relax their muscles and destress the mind. They are designed to open the pores and allow toxins to be released through the skin. The idea is to close the pores after with cold therapy; ice bucket shower, monsoon cold shower, igloo room (where you rub crushed ice all over your body) or the plunge pool. Well we figured the igloo would be our regular stop. As we chatted our conversation was regularly interrupted by screams coming from the individuals who dared use the plunge pool. After enduring numerous screeches we investigated. The sign on the wall read that the water was 10°c 😨. The shrieking made perfect sense!

The next morning upon reflection we decided that we should probably try the plunge pool at least once, then we could tick it of our list of ‘stupid things not to do’. We went to what we perceived as the hottest treatment room. If I was going to go into that plunge pool, then I wanted to be as hot as possible. The plunge pool was cylindrical, the steps spiralling downwards to the bottom. As I hop jumped ran downwards I was screaming insults to myself “Mad! Crazy! Insane! Nutter!” I was not going to be outdone by the voices in my head, and as I got to the base I immersed myself for good measure and ran back up to the top.

My entire being was tingling! I felt so awake and alive. Again, I want to do it again! Again, again AGAIN. I need to do this AGAIN! And so was birthed my insatiable appetite for the cold water high. I shamelessly confess that I abandoned the igloo for a much better cold.

When he suggested that we go to the river, I was half hearted with my response. It had been raining all day and it was a bit late in the evening, no time for softies to be bathing. Me? I’m a cold water freak, I most definitely, unreservedly wanted to get my little high that night. In his usual fashion he spelled out the cons of doing this activity so late. Blah blah blah rain . . . Blah cold blah. I really wasn’t sure in whose favour this would go. Then I smiled inside and said “If you think the water will be too cold for you I will understand”. “Why would it be too cold for me?” Bingo, get ready girlfriend! I shrugged and turned away. Wait for it. “Come on, let’s go quickly before another shower of rain falls. But we won’t stay long ok?”

I carefully stepped down into the small pool. It wasn’t very big or deep but once sat down it had the capability to revitalise the entire body. Left foot. Right foot. My heart was racing. Sit down. My heart was pounding. Lay back! The explosion of sheer joy flooded my entire being. This was heavenly. My heart beat slowed. I smiled contentedly. Tonight I would be fine. I replayed the whole thing over and over as sleepiness took over. You will never take everything from me husband.

When you find yourself in an abusive relationship it’s easy and typical for the victim to let go of the things they once loved and cherished; hobbies, friendships, passions. Who you are dies a slow agonising death. Hold on to those things that remind you of your former self. Like the cold water does for me, allow yourself to be refreshed once in a while. Joyfully you’ll pull up buckets of water from the wells of salvation, Isaiah 12:3 The Message Bible.

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