Sleep is a beautiful thing!

The bedroom door suddenly opened. “So, no school today ok?” said mum. I almost jumped out of bed for joy but my mind arrested my legs. “Why?” I asked suspiciously. There wasn’t a single logical explanation for her announcement. The look she gave me was more incredulous than the disbelieving look I already had on mine! “Didn’t you hear anything last night?” A quick memory check revealed nothing. I went to bed, may have gone to the toilet at some point, went back bed, awake now. I got nothing. Thanks memory 🤔. “I think you need to go look out the window”. That said she left, shaking her head in disbelief. I pulled the curtain aside. Many of the huge trees now lay uprooted. What on earth? I ran to my sister’s room. She Informed me that a storm had raged throughout the night. I had heard nothing. Not. One. Thing.

I have since dubbed myself a heavy sleeper. If I’m tired I will sleep anywhere at anytime regardless of my surroundings. Embarrassing as it is, I confess that since then I’ve slept through a few more storms. When my sister and I returned from holiday many years back, our return flight was plagued by turbulence. In my defence I had already fallen asleep before we hit the disturbance. I was jolted awake as the plane dunked some feet. Definitely got my unconscious attention. I turned to look at my sister whose face was resigned to fear. “What’s going on?” I asked. “I can’t believe you could be sleeping through all this!” was her reply. Well at least I’d die happy right? “Sorry” was all I could think of saying before I fell asleep again. Not my finest moment.

I have had restless sleep; night before exams, before flying out on holiday, before a family gathering, and particularly the night before a presentation or singing in church, but it’s still decent sleep even if not of the best quality. After marriage I had to add sleep through snoring to my repertoire. That was a hard one but all my previous sleep skills had prepared me for this moment, I’m queen of sleep!

When you are not sleeping as you used to it’s time to pay attention. Good sleep has always been a constant comfort in my life. Laying awake was emerging as my new norm. Questions pestered me; had I done the right thing? Should I stick it out? What will people say if I left? Emotions hounded me; fear of what my future held, anxiety about doing or saying the wrong thing and causing another senseless everlasting argument. God I know I don’t deserve it but please help me! Then that peace that passeth all understanding would cradle me and sway me back to sleep.

You’ll take afternoon naps without worry, you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep . . . God will be there with you; Proverbs 3: 24 & 26 The Message Bible.

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