Your Rainbow.

Probably before the country went into lockdown you were praying it wouldn’t happen. The mere thought of being locked in for an indefinite period of time was in some ways even more terrifying than contracting covid-19. Every morning you are paralysed by fear. Work was a safe haven, an essential distraction for your mental health and peace of mind. Now you spend each minute of everyday praying for night to come. Sleep brings peace . . . sometimes. The anxiety is taking its toll on you. Life really just needs to go back to normal for your mind’s sake.

I remember my many dark days. I shutdown to protect myself. Being numb is better than feeling hurt. I abandoned my fighting spirit because I was too fatigued physically and emotionally to engage in the usual  ongoing never-ending conflict. If you are on lockdown with your detainer, I share this with you;

Heartaches may come,

teardrops may fall,

seems like no one’s there for you.

Friends are all gone

You feel alone,

be strong God has a plan for you!

Hold on, hold on to Him,

Let Him lead you,

your valley is temporary.

This too, this too shall pass,

find peace at last.

In Him we have the victory.

Hold on don’t let go,

Even though your heart hurts you so,

He’ll never let go of your hand.

Just be steadfast.

Just be faithful.

God is only teaching you.

Eyes have not seen,

neither have ears heard

just what He has prepared for you!

Your trials come

to make you stronge.

Seasons will change

it won’t be long!

Richard Smallwood ‘Persuaded’ 2004.

I can’t tell you when or how your emotional lockdown will end. However, I can say this; don’t think about when the covid-19 lockdown will end. It’s simply too far away and that day is too uncertain to hang your hope on. Instead, take one day at a time. The song I shared comforted me on many occasions and gave me a source of strength when I was rock bottom. Hang on and cling instead to a daily hope. Find that scripture that song that will get you through the next five minutes. Sing or repeat it as often as you need until sunset comes. Please don’t give up now, hang in there. God is strong, and he wants you strong, Ephesians 6:10 The Message Bible.

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