Released in 1944, the film “Gaslight” is set in Pimlico Street, London. Bella and Paul Malen having recently married move into number 12. Bella is always displacing her belongings and that of her husband’s. Worse again she cannot fathom why they suddenly turn up in the exact place where she last remembered seeing the items. It is just too bizarre to understand. There is only one logical explanation. Perhaps . . . perhaps she is losing her mind. It’s sometimes hard to get a grip on reality, to know what has actually happened and what may just be a figment of her imimagination. Paul her husband helps keep the balance between reality and fantasy. Bella is so determined to keep things straight in her mind but how can she when she has lost faith in her ability to perceive what’s actually true or not?

Paul Malen deliberately and persistently hides his own and his wife’s belongings. By so doing, he manipulates her reality and reinforces her belief that she is going insane. Whenever she has ‘displaced’ an object, he punishes her by withdrawing from her emotionally and physically or by sending her to her room.

What Bella is unaware of is that her husband is a murderer. 12 years previously, he killed her aunt in the very property they currently reside. She had a jewel of great fortune, which he never found after ransacking the house. Moving into the house has now given him ample time to search the top two floors of the house which he has declared off limits to his wife and servants.

It is probably one of the single most evil things a person can do to another human being, manipulate and distort their perceptions and reality. They are very good liars, this is what makes them good at what they do. Even if you catch them redhanded in a lie, they will spin it all back on you. They are so expert at what they do, that if you stay with them long enough, you will start to take them at their word. This technique of gaslighting also helps them to isolate the victims from their support network. This leaves the victim solely dependant on the the perpetrator.

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If after watching the film you recognise yourself as a victim of gaslighting, you must seek help. You are not safe. It has never been God’s intention that his children be in relationships that hurt and harm them.

“I will be glad and rejoice in your love, because you saw my suffering; you knew my troubles” Psalm 31:7.