The beauty of nature.

We were out on an adventure. We both had a love for the outdoors. This island is so green and I never tired of all its tints and shades thereof. No matter how many times I travelled the same route to work, I always found myself adrift in thought, mesmerized by the cascading greens; emerald green, jade green and forest green. The serene carpet of green has a sedative calming effect.

He turned off the main road and we soon came to a hotel. There was a stark contrast between crashing blue waves and the effervescent fizzy sea froth. The cabins were rustic, simple in design. There was enough distance between them all that you experienced complete privacy. Any guest would feel like they were in the middle of an ever luscious rainforest. We came across the restaurant. Like everything else on the compound it was built using wood. No walls. The jungle encased the restaurant on one side and on the other was the majestic view of the Atlantic Ocean. This place was breathtakingly resplendent.

The waitress escorted us to a table. We hadn’t been talking for long when I realised that a third party was going to join us even without consent. The intruder stood staring at me for a little while then hesitantly came forward. The eyes were riveted on me. I couldn’t have moved even if I had wanted too. The gaze was fixed. When he jumped from the baluster to the table I could barely contain my excitement. This tiny bird seemed determined to join us for lunch! He was teeny but charming and bold. He jumped around for a little while then flew to another table.

I’m not sure if everyone in a toxic relationship is fortunate enough to even have a few good memories. I will advocate that this mere 5% of emotional stability is not enough of a reason to stick it out. When you find yourself overwhelmed yet again, find solace in the beauty of nature, “Even if I walk through a very dark valley, I will not be afraid, because you are with me. Your rod and your walking stick comfort me, Psalm 23:4 NCV.

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